Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's the rush?

Disclaimer: Young twenty something newlyweds or soon to be newlyweds, please don't hate me. Just my opinion, but I am a firm believer of the "to each their own" and "whatever makes you happy" principles of life. So wise, huh? Mehhh.

Anyhoos. Sooo, what's this sudden common rush to get married? Sometimes I am just confused by the amount of people my age (and younger) that are married/engaged! For real, it's insane. It's 2011, I thought the average age of getting married was rising? Sure doesn't seem like it. I've got a couple theories why there has been a wedding boom:

1. The GFC - aka, the Global Financial Crisis. When I graduated from college there were like no jobs. Seriously. My super smart friends with awesome internships couldn't get nothin. I was just going to law school so I didn't have anything to worry about, right? Wrong. Everyone suddenly decided to go to law school suddenly. Stupid. Anyways, my point is, people weren't graduating with the security of having a job and knowing their life wasn't going to be a big black hole of suckiness after the best 4 years of their life. {Sidebar: I miss Clemson everyday}. So, what's a sure fire way to feel secure that life is going to hand you a big blue ribbon because you're a winner? Getting married! You know for sure there is going to be someone to hold your hand, help clip coupons and keep insecurities at bay.

2. Facebook - Is it just me or has the competition for who has the most ridiculous blackout pictures from the weekend been replaced with who has the most beautiful, cute and romantic engagement/wedding pictures? I'm just saying, I can't get on Facebook without my news feed blowing up with these pictures. And I am not even going to lie and say I don't sit there and judge every single aspect of a person's wedding and how mine will be better {betches love doing this}. When you're a young twenty something girl, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all these pictures and want it all too. So this is my second theory for this wedding frenzy; girls get hooked on other people's weddings like some kind of drug and that's all they want. I've been guilty of it, but then I remind myself: a wedding isn't just about the party, there's this thing called marriage after that {yikes!}.

So I have also come up with some reasons why this shouldn't be a rush, based on myself, of course:

1. I don't eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. I associate that with the fact that I am immature, therefore, should not get married. Albeit this is very strange logic, BUT I have gotten myself up to 3 fruits and vegetables a day. SUCCESS.

2. I still get to be selfish. Yeah, I said it. I get to be selfish and get to focus on me and the career I want to have without really thinking about anyone else. Yes my Mister Aussie and I have been dating nearly 2 years and yes I consider him greatly when I think about my plans, but at the end of the day I'm still thinking mostly about ME. And there's nothing wrong with that.

3. I'm not giving up Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, actually I don't get Thanksgiving because I live in Australia {womp womp}, but I don't have to give in and spend Christmas with anyone elses family because I am NOT married. I do what I want. A friend told me I shouldn't think like that because apparently Mister Aussie and I are a family now. Buhhh what? But we did have a good Xmas 2010 together! And yes we're playing in the snow on Christmas Day at an Alabama rest stop:

4. I have no shame in saying, I want a nice ring! And I want my fiancee to buy it himself. I actually know of people who "borrowed" money from their parents to get the ring, SERIOUSLY?! That just amazes me. If I were a dude, my parents would straight up laugh at me if I tried to pull that.

5. This has nothing to do with me, but, if your wedding album is something a long the lines of this: ~*~OuR wEdDiNg~*~ .....

Ironically, here's a couple wedding cakes I LOVE:

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