Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Cheerios!

Ok, fine, it was actually yesterday - but Cheerios turned 70! When I was little, I literally could not leave the house without a bag of cheerios. There are countless photos of me in my car seat eating them or asleep with my hand still in the bag. I didn't even eat Honey Nut Cheerios, just the original ones.

I still love Cheerios! However, of course, Australia does not have the Cheerios I have always known and loved. I am pretty Australia has only had them a couple years, but they are like 4 different kinds in one. They're good, but just not the same. Here's the box:

Just another little difference I have gotten used to by moving here. People always ask me what I miss about home and really is little things, like my Cheerios.

What was your favorite cereal as a kid?

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am seriously procrastinating finishing this client portfolio I have for my law of civil remedies class; so wanted to make a post about some of things I am dying to have right now. I am pretty much using all of this as motivation to get through the rest of this semester (and degree)!

I just know this would look beautiful on my arm.

Krabi, Thailand
Seriously dying to do some traveling to the south pacific islands while I'm here.

Uluru, aka Ayers Rock
Going with my parents and my mister in September!

I love these. They are beyond adorable and would go with everything I own I'm sure.

 One of my fabulous friends here can do cakes like this! I would LOVE to learn how and one day she is going to show me how she does it. Along the same lines, there are so many different cuisines I want to try cooking. My school schedule and budget hinders that a good bit, so looking forward to free time when I can really start cooking again!

I think you get the gist of the fact that I am ready to not be a poor law student anymore! I can't wait until both the mister and I have graduated and we get to start traveling and enjoying things together. He's only got two semesters left after this one, lucky duck, and then I have four! There's just so many things I want to accomplish and do in my life that I just get antsy. All this hard work will pay off one day though, right? Of course it will.

What are some of your dreams and motivations right now?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Being Green, and Cute

As I'm sure you know, the big thing these days is being green and cutting down on our own personal waste. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by cutting down on your plastic use. However, no worries, there are tons of cute ways to do it with awesome reusable containers available.

I wish I drank coffee, because I love this Jonathan Adler coffee thermal mug!
Another perk - many places discount your coffee when you bring your own mug :)

 Starbucks is basically everywhere now, look for their collectors tumblers when you travel!

Of course the classic, Tervis Tumbler, that you can create yourself or shop tons of cute ones. They also sell lids and straws for the perfect on-the-go cup.
Last but not least, my favorite: the Camelbak Better Bottle. It's great for so many things, virtually indestructible and comes in so many colors!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perspective: Everyone Needs It

Well, I've learned a lot from moving to another country but one thing that is major is perspective.

Perspective in regards to this side of the world's view on my home country.
Perspective in regards to being the one and only outsider.
Perspective in regards to being a foreigner. 
Perspective in regards to how BIG, yet how small, this world actually is.

There are fifty million reasons I am so glad that I decided to make this move, but the four perspectives above rank at the top of the list. I have moved to another country to go to school and hope to stay afterwards for a few years to start my career and an exciting new life; that basically makes me an immigrant. Maybe this is a weird thought in my head, but I think it sounds funny to be an immigrant when I already am from a country with countless freedoms and opportunities. However, here I am, an American in Australia worrying I won't be able to get a visa to stay after I graduate and worried I won't be able to live my dreams.

I hope this wasn't a too "heavy" of a post, but I think it's important everyone gets perspective at some point. I am not saying do something as drastic as move to another country, but it can be through something smaller like volunteering in a homeless shelter. Getting perspective helps use evaluate what is important in life and understand and empathize with other people.

What has given you perspective?