Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tassie Tigers

Ok so I have formed an obsession with a show here in Australia called My Kitchen Rules. Basically there are teams of two from each state (plus New Zealand this year) and this season they have two sets of 6 teams and the bottom from each are now going against each other. 

Last night (Wednesday) the Tassies were up to bat in this round and let me just add, I love this couple! 


They’re friendly, they have an obvious passion for food and they are fair sports in this game. Unlike others – *cough* THOMAS *cough*


Carla insulted Hobart within the first like 30 seconds of the other contestants being on the show. This duo of “just friends” (what the heck is that?) already annoy the crap out of me but COME ON CARLA. I thought part of the show was going to the teams’ home states to appreciate the local food and way of life, yada yada. BUT I FORGET – Carla seems to have the brain of a gold fish (there’s not much there). 

I don’t know, I just found it very rude and an unnecessary snarky comment. Australia already hates you, try and not dig a deeper hole missy.

haz one face

And Thomas – come on, get a new look. Seriously, Thomas always looks like he is about to cry or is constipated or something. He always makes this face just sitting at the table, talking about a dish and everything else involved with this show. 

Thomas and Carla’s very transparent plan to sabotage other contestants by sending negative comments into the air to maybe persuade others was so pathetic and low. Thank the food gods all the other contestants are way smarter than the two of them. 

Alright I’ll shut up – I’m just really sick of them. 

no gay

O my pink shirts, I love Peter and Gary!! Even if Peter can be so obnoxiously arrogant sometimes. And I find it very humorous that Peter has on an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. Cracks me up. 

I also find it extremely comical that 7 gives most team headline names based on their relationship – ooo but not Peter and Gary, they’re just “doctor and lawyer”. 

I especially love when Gary called out that Thomas needs to maybe actually learn something about food. TRUTH. Homeboy didn’t even know how to explain crackling. And somehow he thought scallops and crackling were SIMPLE to do?! I bet you’d screw it up in a heartbeat, Thomas. 

Anyways, I am so happy the Tassies did well. Their food looked great to me, except the dessert. I am not a cheesecake fan to begin with and then that one just looked SO HEAVY. Too intense and sweet sounding for my taste buds. 


It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but I am soooo obsessed with Pete’s eyes. Mr. Aussie totally got huffy puffy when I commented on their blueness since he is very proud of his own very blue eyes. But ah they’re gorgeous!

Anyone else out there watch this show?!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Healthy Competition

I stumbled across this at design darling and it made me think about competitiveness and law school and the legal profession as a whole. I am more competitive than your average Jane and I know that competing with myself is essentially more important than competing with others. However, I’m in LAW SCHOOL. 

I think law school is where they created the idea of competition. I’m serious. Especially since in my law school they have decided to use the bell curve for grades (STUPID) which makes people INSANE.

But how much competition is too much competition? When do we cross the line? I know med schools in the US are taking measures in the admission process to weed out potentially self-harming people because of the competitiveness. Some are even making grades only pass-fail to lighten the psychoticness of it all. There’s talk on implementing the same ideas in law schools now. 

I know these are good ideas, but at the same time, how much is it actually going to help? Competition comes with the legal profession. People are power hungry. People are obsessed with having what others don’t have.

So how do they help students that are one day going to be in this profession? I think students need to be reminded that YOU ARE NOT YOUR GRADES. Grades are arbitrary. I don’t care what anyone says, they are. Especially when you add a bell curve into the mix. Law schools also need to show students how to BALANCE life. Studying is obviously important, but so is living life. Make yourself work out, make yourself eat real meals and make yourself enjoy a couple nights a week with friends.

What’s your take on competition? What’s the healthy level?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Awards and Waterfalls

Feb 9 - Front door - Well, I didn't take a picture of a front door because all the ones I encountered during the day were so boring. So instead, I went the cheesey route and took this picture at my boyfriend's award ceremony for his super awesome grades. He ended up going back to school a couple years ago and he has done so well and I'm so proud of him! Going back to school can be so hard. So this is just showing "opening the front door" to new opportunities!

Feb 10 - Self portrait - took this during the ride to our little getaway today! 

And just wanted to share some of the sights from today...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Series of photos

So for Feb 5 - 10 AM, I was trying desperately to beat this level. I took awhile.

Feb 6 - Dinner - I was out that night and just completely forgot to snap a shot. I'm bummed because the food looked and tasted yummy, would have been a good pic! But I went and got a pic from the website of the restaurant to show some of what I was having:

Feb 7 - Buttons - These are buttons on a dress that I love:

Feb 8 - Sun - It's very warm and nice right now, but lots of clouds too, so I got the sun behind a big cloud.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Too Much Vino and Creepiness

I seriously am loving this Feb Photo a Day challenge. 

For Feb 3, hands, I went a little liberal with the word and instead of taking a picture of hands I went with a pic of a wine label...

Bird in Hand is some serious yummy Australian wine. I have been told that this one in particular is served at Wimbledon. Don't quote me on it though. But holy moly what a perfect summer wine. It's a pink wine and so refreshing and crisp! And I may or may not have pretended that I was drinking with Dutchess Catherine as spectators at Wimbledon...
In reality I was alone and watching SVU. Same thing.

So for Feb 4, a stranger, I wasn't really sure what to do with it. I felt uncomfortable asking to take a picture of a stranger which was probably the point of it but I just couldn't. Instead, I took the creepy route and just took a picture as I was driving in the car by the beach...on my Blackberry...I might have even involuntarily slowed down as I was doing. CREEPER ALERT.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge


I am so excited to be doing this! This is such a fabulous idea by Chantelle over at fatmumslim.
I’m late to it though and seeing as I am in Australia, it is already Feb 2. So I’m doing two in one day!

Feb 1 – my view today: the view from my balcony. The mountains in the background are such a beautiful area and rainforest like too!

Feb 2 – words. Here, there’s lots of them in the cases I read for classes. There’s always cases.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Last Half

So I am currently half way done with my law degree and couldn’t be more excited. You could I say I have the J of my JD.
Not only will it be amazing to finally be done with school, but it will also probably be good for my health. I am a person that stresses a lot! So this semester I am trying some new things to maybe help out with my stress, including being more organized. (Sidenote: started the year off not so great by leaving my KEYS in the US, good job Katy).
I started first with getting two new books from Maybooks. O my gosh, I love them! They’re both my first purchases from them and I am so happy I got them. I love the size of them in particular. I got one weekly agenda and one regular.

I also wanted to spruce up the way I organize things. I won’t even lie, I have always thought it to be very silly that people get expensive cutesy folders when you get much more regular ones for the same price. But, I changed my mind. To help brighten my days, I invested in some super cute Lilly folders:
Law school can really run you down with all its work, but these bright and fun patterned colors just make the day better! Seriously! I got mine at a store in Atlanta but I also just found them online here.
I also invested in some cute Lilly notepads to make my task lists a little more exciting:

And last, I FINALLY got a wireless mouse. I spend a lot of time on my computer and I get real sick of using the little touchpad. After checking out some of the more expensive ones, I ended up with a $20 Jenkins one. I searched for them and they may only be available in Australia but I love that they come in fun colors. I chose the bright green: