Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surprise! Ruined.

So Mister Aussie and I are obsessed with trying to surprise each other big time when it comes to gifts. Then once we have figured out what the gift is we taunt the other with how awesome it is but no way can they have a hint about it. It's pretty absurd.

Well his birthday is coming up {August 3rd} and I had been thinking for AGES what would be a perfect gift. Being the twenty something guy he is, he kept saying he wanted an Xbox Kinect. That's where you don't need a remote at all, your body is the remote! Wooo cool new technology:

Then, we both saw a commercial for the Foo Fighters, along with Tenacious D, coming to play here. He nearly died with excitement but then dismissed it and said it would be too much money. But, in my head - DING - perfect gift!

But I still couldn't decide between the two of them and ended up bidding on a Kinect on ebay. After I bid, I knew instantly that I did not want to get him that and wanted to get the concert tickets instead. The ebay gods came through and I was outbid {happy dance}.

I did more research on the concert and found out how I could sign up to purchase pre-sale tickets. I was pumped because Mister Aussie was going to be beyond surprised and I was DEFINITELY going to get good tickets. After I purchased the tickets at exactly 1:00 on Friday when they went on pre-sale, I immediately started plotting how I would wrap them in a huge box to fool him.

BUT, wait...

One hour later I received a bbm from Mister Aussie, "wanna go to the foo fighters and tenacious d concert?" Oh come on, you have got to be kidding me! I replied "oh, uh, thinking about buying them?" and he says "yea, about to put in the credit card details. it's been too long since I have heard live music."  Wahhhhh. So, had to tell him I had already purchased the tickets and why. 

Good news: He was definitely surprised. He didn't believe me at first.

Bad news: I didn't get to see his face. That's the best part of surprises!

Oh well, it's going to be an awesome time and can't wait {we have to wait awhile, December!}.

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