Monday, May 17, 2010

Someone hire me, please!

Well, still no job unfortunately. But I've only been applying for a short time. Applying online is big here and I applied for LOTS of positions online. I also went around the city with my resume like a door to door salesman. A lot of places were hiring that I dropped my resume at so I am hoping to hear from one of them this week!! I applied to a lot of restaurants, but I don't really want to work in one. It's no fun serving people and at least at home the tips were a perk. But I guess people get paid a lot to be servers, so not too bad. But don't get me wrong, I am not being picky whatsoever; I will be happy with any job.

There was a shoe store and a children's clothing store that I would really like to work at! The managers were really friendly and I think I would really enjoy working in an atmosphere like that. So fingers crossed that they want me! The manager at the children's clothing store and I seemed to really click and she seemed to really like me so that is always a plus!

Besides applying to jobs, I have caught up with some friends here. It was really great to see people again! Especially since Steve works crazy hours, I gotta entertain myself. But if you know me, that's never been a difficult task for me. I really do love Adelaide and enjoy just walking around the city. Living in the suburbs is no fun right now, but will be getting an apartment in the city which will be much better! I am not a fan of catching a bus all the time, they aren't exactly reliable here and the rides are pretty boring. And the bus route I live on has some pretty odd people on the bus. Sometimes I wish I had my car to just drive into the city, but once I am in the city I really like being able to walk around. Keeps me much more active.

Last Wednesday I went to Steve's indoor cricket match, which has become fun for me since I actually get what's going on now! The guys on his team are really nice and funny and you know I always like socializing. And last night we went to a friend of his 21st birthday party, which was REALLY different than our 21st birthdays. Her parents rented out a place and there were speeches, but it was fun and it is always good to meet Steve's friends. Tonight we're going to head to China town for some cheap, and REALLY yummy, Chinese food. Then we're going to go see Robin Hood which I am quite excited about!! I have heard it's really really good.

And today, just applying to more jobs, applying for a tax file number and cleaning some! Not the most exciting day ever, but life is still great!

Until next time chicos...

Monday, May 10, 2010

BACK! in the Land Down Under

I am finally back in Australia! Last Thursday I landed in Melbourne nice and early at about 5:30 in the morning. I feared getting through the customs and getting my baggage would take quite awhile. But no, don't let anyone fool does not take as long to get through an Australian airport as it does a major one in the States. One thing that I found amusing was that when I went through customs, the officer looked at all my stamps and then looked at me and then looked back at the stamps and then asked "So where all have you been?" Believe it or not, this question confused and I kinda stammered trying to figure out what the man wanted until he asked "Were you in the U.S. before?" Uhhh DUH! I just got off a plane from L.A. and on my customs card it said I had boarded my flight in the US...that was a weird question.

I was quite jetlagged at first, but I seem to be all caught up now! It's been so great being back here and hanging out with Steve. On Saturday night we went out and I ran into a couple of my friends from when I was here previously so that was really nice! I plan to meet up with them soon to hang out and really catch up. Been looking for jobs and found some possibilities but today will be the day I will actually be handing out the resumes. Hopefully it will pay off and I'll start working soon! I am going to spend the day in the city doing that and also getting information on how to set up a bank account here! So much to do but so excited that I am starting this next adventure!

Much more later! Wish me luck on the job hunt :)