Thursday, September 22, 2011


When you prepare to go to law school, everyone tells you how hard it is and how it makes you want to kill yourself (oh yay! thanks for the pep talk folks). However, no one ever tells you that it finally clicks in your head that professors are PEOPLE! What?! Who even knew. I am not sure what I thought professors were before, but I did not think they were people. I go to law school in Australia so it's kind of  different. You can have an undergrad law degree to practice so most JD students are North American. Maybe the professors talk with us differently than they do with the undergrads, but holy freakin moly...they're people. And most of these realizations have circled around something inappropriate.

First example: It was the end of a tutorial (those are these small classes we have outside lecture to help reiterate what we're learning) and the professor (who is Swedish, with quite the Swedish accent) told a girl at the end of class, who had an Abercrombie shirt on, that he liked her moose. Well, with his Swedish accent, it did NOT sound like that. So she goes, "what did you say?" and he responds, "I like your moose, on your shirt." And she says, bright red in the face, "oh, I thought you said you like my boobs". Seriously, everyone in the room nearly died from laughing. The professor was BRIGHT red, laughing very hard, and said "maaaaaybe I should leave now".

Now, this semester, I just seem to have a strange man as my professor. From day one he's used laws involving cats as an example. But, no he does not call them cats, he calls them pussies. Enough said.

Then when we had our first tutorial, he went on a tangent about how much he likes beavers. Enough said.

Then when my friend was explaining that in 5 years she hopes to be working for a luxury brand in intellectual property rights, he responded with, "yea, you don't seem like a girl who likes beavers." WHAT THE HECK?! I nearly died. I couldn't even hold it in at all. I gave up. 

I won't even get started on my professor who often made our pseudo clients transgender grandmas (affectionately known in class as the tranny granny). Or the professor who is a twenty something and almost died when I emphasized the "douche" pronunciation in fiduciary relationship.

They should put this is the informative books on law school. Just sayin.

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