Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Timeless Obsession: Watches.

It's only developed in the last year, don't know why it has taken me so long to reach this obsession destination, but I have become obsessed with watches! Nearly every time I am at the mall and often on the computer, I just peruse through watch after watch. Some I can only dream of gracing my wrist with, some are perfect for just an everyday accessory. So for this post I have picked out some of my favorite ones around right now.

I love this Anne Klein watch for its simple and timeless look. The $55 price tag makes it pretty awesome too.

I also love this Anne Klein watch; it's just so summery and at $75 it will make your wallet happy too.

This Lacoste watch is obviously more sporty/casual, but isn't the blue just fun? If you'd love a bright and casual watch for every day wear, $195 is not a bad price. It also comes in a fun pink and purple.

Love, love, love this Michael Kors one. I have a similar one by Fossil but I wouldn't mind this pretty thing too. At $225 it's not a bad pick if you're looking for a timely commitment.
I was drawn to this classic Philip Stein watch like a pigeon to a french fry. However, sadly, at $1,785 it's just a dream for me.

When my eyes first gazed upon this lovely MICHELE "Jetway" watch, I am fairly positive I felt my heart skip beat. I've learned you really can put a price on happiness, $1,995 + tax.

There are many more that I love, including this baby by Cartier, but I decided to not be so mean as to tease people with the beauty of a watch that costs as much as a car. Do you have a favorite watch you wear or any you are just dying to buy?