Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dresses: My First Love

Like many girls, I have quite an intimate relationship with dresses.  I enjoy all kinds; you name it and I want it. Especially floor length, I wish I had more formal things to wear one to. However, I don't live in some magical world of monthly formal events so I just have to dream of wearing them.

I am currently working on shedding some poundage, and once I reach my first goal then I am going to treat myself to a new dress!  A new dress is great motivation for something like that, right?

Some dresses I have been crushing on:

Obviously the last one is more of a prom/formal dress but I wish I had an excuse for it.  I know the trends these days for prom and formals are shorter dresses but my theory is stick to the floor length! Most people only have a handful of occasions they can wear this kind of a dress to, so take advantage of every one.  I love the feeling of elegance and femininity you get from wearing this kind of a dress. Plus don't the photos turn out wonderfully with you in a snazzy formal dress and a beau in a tux?

Do you have any dresses you are hardcore crushing on?


  1. I loveeeeeee dresses!! I wear them for EVERY SINGLE THING!!

  2. Oh my, I keep suggesting that same BCBG dress to ANYONE who asks about prom or formal dresses! I'm in love with it!

  3. I'm loving all of your crushes! They're all beautiful! You kind of made me obsessed with that BCBG dress now. I wish I had somewhere to wear it!