Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Touch of Homesick

Well the homesick bug has hit me lately.  Womp Womp.

Sidebar: I stole "womp womp" from my friend Meghan. If she reads this, she will see that I have in fact acknowledged this steal.

So to help cure this bug, I have made a list about the things I love about living in Australia:

1. Where I live, it is always warm.

2. More people talk to me than usual because of my "cool accent".

3. I also get free drinks because of this.

4. I have met people from pretty much everywhere it feels like. (Yes, I know this can happen in the US too but it didn't really happen for me until here, so I count that as a good thing about here).

5. It's definitely a growing experience and I am learning LOTS about myself. As my parents say, this is a "character building" experience.

 6. The accents, they still get me, especially on commercials because they are so exaggerated.

7. My amazing Australian boyfriend.

Pretty rough, my birthday.

8. Since I am living in another country for only a few years, I am eager to see everything in it and near it. I make the effort to travel more than I ever would if I was home. Trust me, there are SO many amazing things to see and experience on this big island of a country.

Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands, heading here soon.

9. All the native animals. They're cool. Even the weird birds that swoop at people on campus. For example, I see pretty white tropical birds everyday on my walk to school. Also, magpies still really excite me and they are pretty much just fancy looking crows. So even the common animals and birds are new to me which can only be cool from an outsider's prospective. Except pigeons of course, those rodents with wings are everywhere.


10. I learn new expressions and words on a weekly basis. Yea, they really do say some strange things here.

Moral of the post is: there's always something good about anything! Or maybe ten somethings.

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