Monday, October 29, 2012


So all seasoned bloggers, like Carly over at College Prep, always advise that a new blogger should set out to blog about what they know and love. 

Well, I know a lot about the life of a law student. Boring.

I know a lot about living as an 'ex-pat' in Australia. Boring because currently all I do really is go to school. One day, though, I hope to include travel posts and such once I am free of the law school chains that bind me. One day soon (eeep!). 

I am not into music enough to blog about it, nor do I keep up enough with the latest fashion trends to really talk about that.

So what in there world is there for me to talk about that anyone could possibly want to hear? 
For starters, I am awkward. I could talk about the regular awkward things that happen to me. 
My family is also slightly nuts (in a good way) so I could share some stories.

Therefore, I guess what I can really aim to do as of now in my life, is to offer the reader a smile, laugh or just mindless break from whatever obligations they have.

So with that, I am going to tell you about the time my dad tried to train our cats to use the toilet. Yup, true story. Believe it or not, there are special litter trays that you can put on your toilet to slowly and successfully train your cat to go to the bathroom in the toilet. It's a tray the fits the bowl and you fill the area of the toilet seat hole with litter. Then ever so slightly, you cut the tray regularly until it reaches the same size as the actual toilet seat hole. Your cat slowly learns to balance and do its business without ever knowing. Genius or crazy?

These are not my cats but I felt a picture of a cat using a toilet HAD to be shared. I also love the fact that his friend is watching. Poor kid can't get any privacy.

Seriously, could you imagine walking into the bathroom in your house to find it already occupied by your cat? The whole process was actually pretty mortifying for my 12 year old self. Not only did I have to remove a litter tray every time I wanted to use the bathroom, but I had to do it for my friends when they visited! I am pretty sure people thought we were the craziest family in all the land. 

The training was successful with one of my cats but since we had to keep a regular litter box around for the other cat, she just ended up resorting back to that. Fail.

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