Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Changes

Well, we all know that is true. 

Awhile ago I read an article in some women's magazine which featured a few different women who each made a small change in their life for 30 days. I remember one writer decided to wear red lipstick every day, and discovered she found a new sense of self-confidence from just wearing red lipstick! People noticed her new confidence too and soon the red lipstick led to other small changes that made her feel great.

So I have decided to make a small change for 30 days just as an experiment for myself.

As background: I do not exercise regularly. I used to but some how I just stopped. I blame the old age (alright, I am only 25).  

Before you worry, I am not about to be one of those bloggers that SUDDENLY has a new found love for running and has to talk about it every 2 seconds. No one likes that, do they? Unless you're a runner, then you can like that. But for the rest of us human folk - running sucks and hearing it about almost sucks even more.

So, for 30 days I am going to do 10 push ups a day. Not a big change, but enough to likely see a change. Let's face it, after this month I will probably be a bikini model.

So the challenge starts TODAY. That's Oct 25 Australia time. Join in on the challenge if you want!

I will be reporting periodically on how this challenge is unfolding. Until then, happy small changes!


  1. I love this idea! There are so many things I can think I "want" to do! I think I will start it next week on Novemeber 1st. The 10 push up one is perfect!! easy enough but not too easy!!

    PS Do you want me to design your header? I have ample free time and am loving playing around with graphics/photoshop etc. Plus I know how you law student/layers have so little time! Let me know!

    1. AHH really?! That would be awesome if you designed a header for me. I have absolutely no idea how to do it, at all!

      YAY I am glad you are going to try the 10 push ups a day. Let me know how it goes!