Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Things I am Grateful For This Very Second

I don't like corny blog posts, so this one won't be corny! But I am just in a mood where I have felt like reflecting on things I love in my life right now.

1. Shhh don't tell him but - successfully planting the idea of getting a dog in Mr Aussie's head without him even realizing it.

2. The sales guy who talked me into NOT getting dinky little Apple like headphones and getting these babies instead:

Sennheiser and adidas teamed up to make some awesome headphones. These headphones are 'sports' headphones so they come with special attachments (which you can see in the pic) that keep the ear buds actually in your ear when you're doing anything active! They come with a few different accessories to change the ear buds including just regular squishy padding. They're also much more durable than other dinky Apple-like headphones and are sweat proof! Pretty cool. And most importantly, the sound quality is great.

3. That college football is in full swing and exciting as ever. No explanation needed there. Roll Tide. Go CLEMSON Tigers.

4. Tickets to go home for a month are BOOKED. See ya soon, America! :)

5. My silly little cats

Yes, I am cat and dog person. They do exist.

Anything your feeling extra grateful for lately? Or just loving in general at the moment?

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