Friday, October 26, 2012

Missing Fall

This is what it looks like where I live right now.

For those people who don't know, the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere are complete opposites when it comes to seasons. So right now, it is Spring here. Plus, where I live it is never really Fall. I live in a state that is essentially the same climate as Florida where the seasons are comprised of warm, warmer and warmest. To say I miss actual seasons is the biggest understatement of the century. I practically yearn for seasons. During 'winter' I would just pretend it was colder outside so I could actually wear wintery outfits. I'd say things like 'brrr it is cold tonight' and 'ah the air is so crisp' in hopes of tricking my mind into actually thinking it is winter weather. Nevermind the fact that it was June/July/August  and all my mind could really think of was summer (I will never get used to that). .

It is killing me seeing everyone and their mom (literally) obsess over pumpkin everything! I find myself longing for cool weather, riding boots, sweaters, pumpkin patches and good ole American Halloween.

What I miss dearly:

And finally, but certainly not even remotely the least, CLEMSON FOOTBALL:

Don't even get me started on fall outfits and college football or I will just spiral into a lack of sweater/tailgating induced depression!

Are you suffering from a lack of fall? What are your favorite things about fall?

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