Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perspective: Everyone Needs It

Well, I've learned a lot from moving to another country but one thing that is major is perspective.

Perspective in regards to this side of the world's view on my home country.
Perspective in regards to being the one and only outsider.
Perspective in regards to being a foreigner. 
Perspective in regards to how BIG, yet how small, this world actually is.

There are fifty million reasons I am so glad that I decided to make this move, but the four perspectives above rank at the top of the list. I have moved to another country to go to school and hope to stay afterwards for a few years to start my career and an exciting new life; that basically makes me an immigrant. Maybe this is a weird thought in my head, but I think it sounds funny to be an immigrant when I already am from a country with countless freedoms and opportunities. However, here I am, an American in Australia worrying I won't be able to get a visa to stay after I graduate and worried I won't be able to live my dreams.

I hope this wasn't a too "heavy" of a post, but I think it's important everyone gets perspective at some point. I am not saying do something as drastic as move to another country, but it can be through something smaller like volunteering in a homeless shelter. Getting perspective helps use evaluate what is important in life and understand and empathize with other people.

What has given you perspective?

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