Sunday, October 30, 2011

Viva Mexico!


Yea, I Google mapped directions from Mexico City to here. Just to illustrate how far away I am from Mexico. No, I don’t know kilometers either or what that is in miles. And why do I care about how far I am from Mexico do you ask? Two words: MEXICAN FOOD!

I love, love, love Mexican food. I am not exaggerating when I say I eat Mexican food on a weekly basis at home. In Atlanta, Mexican restaurants are about as common as a Starbucks. I’m also not even lying when I say on my high school graduation trip to Italy, I made my parents go to a Mexican restaurant one night because my craving was so bad. (Sidebar: it was so freaking good). Also, Mr. Aussie and I were talking the other day about Mexican food and realized that when we were in the US I took him to more Mexican restaurants than anything else. What can I say? I’m obsessed. But luckily, he’s now one of the few Australians to actually know what yummy Mexican food is.

I love Australia, but one downfall is the fact that it’s so far away from Mexico – very little Mexican food! I had tried Mexican here twice before Friday night and both times I was extremely dissatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging on authenticity (I mean, we’re REALLY far from Mexico). If anything is as good as the proverbial Atlanta Mexican restaurant, I’d be happy. So, on Friday night, Mr. Aussie and I decided to try a Mexican restaurant here that we heard was pretty good. Holy Mexican jumping beans, it was! It wasn’t the best I ever had, but it was still pretty legit. I got a picture of it on my Blackberry, sorry about the quality. My only complaint was that the enchiladas didn’t have enchilada sauce on them. Just a bunch of cheese. But the tasty beef inside made it ok! The refried beans were DELISH and the rice was so yummy. So happy I found a Mexican restaurant!


I really wish I got a picture of the décor. It was HORRIBLE. About as tacky as you can get, worse than the restaurants at home that do the cheesy “Mexican” décor. A lot of the hangings on the wall actually looked more like Navajo Native American to me than Aztec. But whatever. And the waiter pronounced it “Kway-so”. It’s ok, I let it go. Oh, and to Mr. Aussie’s disappointment, there were no fajitas on the menu. So not perfect, but damn good enough to feed my cravings! 

Is there any cuisine that you just die for? Share my love of Mexican?

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