Thursday, July 12, 2012

Being Yourself

I very reluctantly call myself an "ex-pat" but I guess I am one. And I bet my other fellow ex-pats encounter some of the same issues I do. 

In my group of friends here, I am the only American. This combined with an Australian boyfriend sometimes makes me feel like I am losing things about me that are American.

Mr Aussie loves pointing out things I say that are most definitely Australian and that I have definitely picked up from him. One habit I have formed is the Australians' weird habit of saying similes without actually finishing them. Example: "Today was sweet as!" Sweet as what?! You'll never know. 

Other things that are different:

Lollies = candy

Jug = Pitcher

Biscuit = Cookie

Mince meat = ground meat

I love living here but I don't want to lose who I am. At the core, obviously my morals and beliefs are the same, but the little things like phrases are what differentiate all the English speaking countries and that's what I don't want to change! But at the same time I need to just accept that I am going to pick up Australian habits. Australian policies and way of life are changing me too. I definitely have a different outlook on a lot of things since living here.

It's like I am a new "you". My "you" is now mostly American with a dash of Australian. Some days I feel like I am losing my identity but really I am not - I just have a new identity! And really, this doesn't just apply to living in another country. As we get older life is constantly changing right? We're constantly having experiences that change us and so we've got a new identity!

Are there changes in your life that are making you feel like you're losing some of what makes you, you?

P.S. don't worry - I still say "y'all" constantly. Not sure that will EVER change.  

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