Friday, April 16, 2010

The Home Stretch

With 18 days until I leave my home of literally 23 years, I am getting pretty nervous. Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets on the decision I have made to go back and make Australia even more apart of my life, but the whole one-way ticket not sure when I am going to see my family and friends again is bound to make me nervous! However, I am also beyond excited. So many people talk about how they'd love to do what I am doing and most those people will never do it. But I AM!

I am starting to get things figured out, like how I am going to get my stuff over there. There's also the little things I need to get done that will make a big difference, like print out pictures of my friends and get an album for them. I bought a travel book for all of Australia and got my own measuring cups. Let's be serious, I am still gonna use my system of measurement for cooking. I am too use to it. And I'll keep getting recipes from Food network so they'll be in the right system.

As of now, I will be attending Bond University for law school. It is in Gold Coast, Queensland which is a really nice place. I am deferring my acceptance til January 2011 because of financial reasons and also because I am going to give University of Melbourne one more chance. I would love to be in that city so I am going to try my hardest to make it happen.

This past weekend I had a reunion with my Clemson friends up in Greenville, SC. It was so great to see everyone and it felt just like old times. It made me so sad leaving them but I know I will see them again. Plus who doesn't want to visit Australia?? Tomorrow I am heading to Auburn to see my cousins, then next weekend to Tuscaloosa to see my Grandmother and then out to Charleston to see Kathryn and Abby. I am trying to see the most people I can before I leave for the other side of the world!

Ah so much to do before departure!

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